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Jan. 15th, 2008 | 01:43 am
mood: bouncybouncy

Hey folks,

I've permanently switched to http://beatricetan.livejournal.com
as i realised it so much easier to remember and relate to my friends.

As many of my friends are using their name as their journal add, and its so much EASIER for Myself to remember and visit there. So yeah, that explains it. ;)

I'll not be updating here already, so do visit there if you still wanna read my personal and sometimes boring entries okay?
Sorry for the so much trouble to update the links, or add me or re-add me yeah?

Really sorry, but thankyou anyway! :D

CLICK HERE to visit.


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Ministry of Food (MOF)

Jan. 13th, 2008 | 08:16 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied

Have you heard of Ministry of Food (MOF) before?

SY and I got to know bout it a while back and we arranged a dinner date yesterday for dinner there.

And i've to say, yesterday was a FABULOUS DAY! I enjoyedd my time very much w dearest Apple Lee SY yesterday, especially when we'd a lot to catch-up during dinner @ MOF. ;)

Okay, Let me introduce to you MOF (located at Bugis Junction) .

At the entrance.


Myself and....

myy AWESOME Date. :D

We met up around evening time and were afraid that there would be too many people at MOF, so we decided to have an early dinner first before any other plans.

But, we still have to queue for quite a while. Guess the place is pretty popular huh?

They have two menus, food and desserts. They do have a WIDE range of desserts. And oh ya, i think i've yet to mention the type of cuisine they specialised in, its Japanese Food. The price range is reasonable too.

So we got settled down after a while, and SY and i were feeling really hungry while queueing that we already browsed through the menu, decided what to eat and immediately ordered after seated.


And we had......

Seafood Potato Salad.
It comes in 1 pax quantity or 5-6 pax quantity. The above picture was the 1 pax quantity but it was enough for SY & I to share.
The salad was good, and the prawns were fresh. (cost around $3.30)

My favourite Salmon Sushi. Fresh! I love salmon sashimi. (i think it cost $1.80)

Agedashi Tofu.
we LIKE! Not bad. with fried Mushroom and carrot on top.
It comes in three pieces of tofu. ( bout $4.50)

My Chilled Soba. I love love love Soba. ( cost $5)

Ramen in spicy Miso soup with Fried Japanese Chicken. (think its ard $8.80)

Our dessert! Which was their SPECIALITY.
Its green tea ice cream in red bean paste and glutinous rice ball (plain). (Cost ard $7.50)

At first we looked at the menu, and we thought the rice balls were of normal sized and have fillings inside. But it turned out to be those really small kind. The rice balls were a lil hard though, but the greentea ice cream was very nice. :)

see? The picture on the menu which misled us! hahaha.

So as you can see, i guess the price range is pretty reasonable. Service was good, and the serving time was very fast too. Do go try! I'm gonna bring my friends and loved ones to there if possible again. :)

Lets move back to the People.

Here's my date:

And Her's:

Oh, and i forgot to mention, one thing about the restaurant that we LOVE best was- they kept refilling our cup with their hot nice greentea. :) We like their green tea, and it feels really good to drink it after a heavy meal or when we eat something saltish or too sweet.

So we chilled there for a while, updated each other and sipping their free-flow greentea. hahaha, must make it worth it right. ;)

We left and went for Shopping at Bugis Village! We always come tog to find cheapp & Nice bargains.  :D

Shopping Shopping Shopping...

At the end of the day, we got ourselves quite a few items which we were satisfied with. SY got herself a top, a hair clip, and TWO pairs of heels at $19 each. She was so thrilled about her value-for-dough shoes and was smilling all way! :D

And I got myself some NEW YEAR'S clothes at the very last store that i went which was about to close. Got myself 3 tops, one dress, a hair clip, and a pair of earrings! I was thinking that i won't have time to shop for NY clothes as school's really hectic. But well, i gotten myself all those to wear at NY at one go yesterday.

Love ya, My dearestt SY. :D

And to sum up everything, we were really SATISFIED with the dinner and shopping trip, there, it was FAB, wasn't it?!


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Dad's Birthday

Jan. 13th, 2008 | 03:05 am
mood: satisfiedsatisfied

Dad's Birthday was on the 11th Jan, and Mom's on the 7th Jan.
And both of them used to tell my sister and I, " Very easy to remember our birthdays, just remb 7-11".


Anyways, I had a test on Mom's Birthday, and sis had a camp as well. So Dad was reall y sweet, and dated mom out for a row-man-tik dinner at some club i think.

So Dad's birthday was yesterday. Guess where we went?

We wanted to go for Jumbo seafood initially, but dad suggested to go to Punggol Marina, saying that its more chilling there and no need to queue.

And true enough, there was no queue at all. Because the place is where i went for wakeboarding! The ulurated routes and all, very very inside. But surprisingly, the food was good and mom said the price was reasonable and standard too. :)

Kai Lan with Garlic. Nice!

Imperial Pork Ribs with Spicy Sauce. Nice! I Think it tasted like sweet and sour pork.

Seafood Hor Fun. Quite normal.

Butter Crayfish! Very good and its BIG! :D

Man tou.

Mango Pudding. Not bad, a lil hard though, but there were many mango bits inside. :)

Chilli Crab! Its good but a lil too salty. And guess what, its only one crab. But a super HUGE one!

i ate the BIGGEST "gong" i've ever eaten. Look....

My Fist and the "Gong"!

So, Maolee, Phil & I went to search for dad's birthday pressie the day before, and we went high and low ard wisma, taka area. And mom asked Maolee to help to get Dad a pair of good sunglasses on her behalf first as Mom didnt know how to buy, and dad sunglasses is already 20 years old!

Daddy likes it. He replaced it straight after we dined. :)

And i, myself was hoping to get dad a good wallet, as his wallet wasn't in a very gd condition and daddy, whom is very thrifty like my mom, didnt wanna spend too much money getting something gd and durable, but just as long as it can be used.  :(

So maolee suggested to get my dad a Mont Blanc Wallet, which was certainly v nice of him to be sharing the pressie with me as well. :)

And thanks so much to Maolee, Dad likes the wallet! :

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Wakeboarding Trip

Jan. 12th, 2008 | 12:42 pm
mood: awake

This post is rather back dated.

Been Busy at school, and phew, finally its the Weekends! Weeeeeeeee.

So i went wakeboarding with Qinsheng (QS), Trish and Keong last year at Punggol Marina. Its rather ulurated and rather impossible for people to Walk in because firstly, the route to walk in and out is rather empty, eerie, like those Malaysia's road at those village tt kind. And secondly, imagine you are going to walk out of there at night, you will be totally freaked out, and it might take one day or so.

Fortunately QS drove, and they waited for me at Punggol Mrt for 45 minutes in the morning. I felt so bad. :(
And they even went to get Mcdonald's breakfast to bring onto the boat to chill and eat. :)

so here are some of the many many pictures. :)

Wakeboarding is really an expensive sport. We wakeboarded for approximately 2 half hours. with about half hour each. Total cost for the whole trip is $257, including an instructor to teach us and drive us around.

Wah, and i really like it when we were travelling to the other part of the sea to wakeboard, the breeze and all was really relaxing and so cool. Guess when you are stressed up and all, taking a ride in the boat will totally ease you out! :D

So QS drove the rest of us to town for a dinner at Pepper Lunch at Lido. And i love pepper lunch, though many of my friends doesnt like it. But i guess its due to the smoke around the whole plack which people tend to claim that they will have the smell after the meal.

Walked around Town and did some Christmas Shopping, before we all headed to NYDC at The Heeren to chill out. And we did have a fun time there chilling, talking and entertaining ourselves with really lame games and jokes. ;)

Okay, i wanna blog more but im running outta time. I'm off first yeap. Till then, take care people! :)

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Jan. 7th, 2008 | 10:24 pm
mood: gigglygiggly

Hey hey.

My internet connection was gone since Saturday night for two whole days, until today.

Couldn't exactly get used to it cause i tend to use the net everyday, but well, the good thing is, the wait was worth it because...

My internet is WIRELESS now!
Geez. :D

Dad signed up for the Singtel MIO wireless plan, which means i wouldn't have to look and stare at the same old building in front of mine, the same part of the sky etc. And i can use the lappy while laying on bed. ( i can't do that previously cause my cable wasn't long enough)

Its Mom's Birthday today, and dad's birthday in 4 more days (11th).  Gave my mom a lil surprise this morning and i hope she likes it. :)

Test today and it was alright, lecture was cancelled but WJ and i didnt know about it. So yeah, spent the whole day in school, had the test in the evening, and dinner with shinggie at Tampines Mall after that before a long ride home.

And i haven bathe yet and came to blog straight away, and i know its a lil weird cause...

I just wanna try out the wireless internet! ;)

Alright, time to go. Bye guys. :)

P.S: Will send the brochure soon yeah? Apologise for the wait. :)

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I'm watching...

Jan. 5th, 2008 | 03:30 pm
mood: tiredtired

Gossip Girl.

haha, i know the title sounds a lil corny and stuff, and though the whole show is really gossipy as we can guessed, but wells...
It touches on the teens' life, and you know, those relationships, friendships and stuff. And i guess this show would appeal more to the females actually.

And i've to say, Chace Crawford, who acted as "Nate" in the show, is absolutely charming.

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One year ago.

Jan. 4th, 2008 | 11:05 pm
mood: busy

Just came back from a delicious dinner at AMK hub. Maolee and i had really good Nasi Brani & Prata at a stall located at the 2nd level of Amk Hub. :D

Here's a shot at Zouk with the singtel santarina outfit with the two sexay and pretty Amanda and Celeste.

And... here's a lil difference as one year past.

New Year Eve, 31st Dec 2006

New Year Eve, 31st Dec 2007

Not exactly a lot of changes right?

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The first post of the year.

Jan. 4th, 2008 | 01:11 am
mood: busy

As i said i'll do some updates this week, here i am...

Though i very much wanna do a detailed entry with the many pictures. I really couldn't find the time to upload the pictures and all. :(
So guess for this entry, it will be words plus a few peek tures too!

Anyway, been busyy with assignments for the past few weeks, like:
1) Student Internship Report handed up on 2nd Jan 2008 (its a killer! took away my many days)
2) Potluck Celebration cum Bowling with maolee & gang.
3) Christmas Eve at Town
4) Christmas Eve Singtel work @ Zouk
5) wakeboarding with Trishie love, qinsheng and keong @ Punggol.
6) Selene's 19th @ The Manhatten Fish Market (i want to go back to eat! )

so , instead of stating my resolutions for the year 2008, i guess i shall skip it and state the upcoming events:
1) Entrepreneur Individual Report due TOMORROW! 4th Jan 08 (what am i doin here???)
2) Entrepreneur test on Monday (10 Chapters)
3) Mommy's Birthday on Monday, 7th.
4) Jon's leaving for California, Sillicon Valley on the 8th @ 6am in the morning. ( we will all miss him...)
5) Managerial Accounting 2 test on Thursday
6) Daddy's Birthday on the 11th, Friday.
7) International Business Test on the 18th.

Actually, there are many more school stuff comin up, shall not state all out if not its gonna take ages.

Sigh, and my photobucket encounted probs again, can't view the pictures below. Again.

Anyways, here are a few pictures taken over the past week.

Selene's Birthday

Potluck w maolee&gang.

Christmas Eve

Will be back next week to do more updates again. Report Due tmr.
Till then, Take care! :)

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Report Report Report.

Dec. 29th, 2007 | 12:35 pm

Okay, i wanted to blog since some time ago, but i can't find ample time to arrange my pictures and upload them.

Because i have to rush my Internship Report which i need to complete it very soon.


Alright, so i guess i'll probably update sometime next week.

One picture for now.

Clara & I on Christmas Day. :)

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Hello i'm back.

Dec. 24th, 2007 | 11:27 am
mood: chipperchipper

Hello folks.

I haven been bloggin for bout a week.

Went Malaysia Last Sunday with my family & Maolee to Citysquare, caught a movie- THE HEARTBREAK KID. Funny funny movie, especially when starring Ben Stiller. Dad, Mom & sis caught Alvin & the Chipmunks instead, and we went shopping in separate ways and met up for a buffet dinner at The ZON hotel.

We went Malaysia as Daddy said we have to go for a complimentary buffet dinner at The ZON hotel at night.  Buffet was alright, but they had really good sashimi & beef! :)

So moving on, i had OTC OTC OTC. Pictures overload.

There! Many many pictures huh. :)

Alright, so if any of the camp people is reading or anything, especially like the programmers or PHANTOS people ( cuz of Hunt-gry), do feel free to email me so that i can send u guys the pictures if u want k? I took many many of the phantos GLS & all plus those whom i was stationed with too. :)

My email is beatrice.thc@gmail.com. :D

Random note, i really LOVE polaroids! Been thinking if i should get myself a polaroid Camera. :( But i want a new Canon digital Camera too. Well well, let me save up first. This month is a spending season. Selene's birthday is coming! :D

So anyway, Tomorrow is Christmas. Hope you guys will have a FUN FUN FUN time alright!

Still don't know how are my plans like. But will be working for a SINGTEL event at ZOUK tonight from 9pm till 11pm!

Wells, i need to go off.  And i tell you something, I went WAKEBOARDING on sat!
Like... Finally.
Here's a Shot! We took many many pictures.

 My folder says 356 photos.

A lot right?

But i LIKE it! :D

ps.: I'll reply the comments on my previous entry when im back again k. My com's lagging! :)

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